Shady Lane

Shady Lane Preservation Fund

Responsible Leadership in Elder Care

Caring for the elders of the community has been the mission of Shady Lane since its founding in 1951.  Attorney Fred Dicke, a local community leader, felt there was a need for a not-for-profit, non-denominational nursing care facility.  Shady Lane originated from the community and was led by community leaders who, to this day, have a very personal understanding of Manitowoc County’s needs.  Over the years, Shady Lane has developed a comprehensive senior campus and grown it from an old fashioned nursing home into a modern 116-bed licensed nursing care facility with all-private rooms.  To meet the needs of elders who wish to maintain some independence but are unable to remain at home, Laurel Grove Assisted Living was developed and provides 93 assisted living private rooms and apartments.  Rehab at Shady Lane serves residents who require therapy or short-term care.

Shady Lane cares deeply about the community and believes in a leadership responsibility in its role of caring for elders that extends beyond the campus.  The organization’s initiatives include nursing scholarships which support education within the County to enhance the nursing pool as well as to foster economic growth in the community.  Shady Lane’s “Respect Project” addresses the role of elders in the community as storytellers, sources of wisdom, and mentors who share history in the community.  Music in the Garden opens the campus’ beautiful gardens to the community for free summer afternoon concerts and supports local artist groups.

The Board of Directors and staff believe that quality care should be available to everyone in the community and not dependent upon the financial resources of an individual.  Shady Lane invites the community to share in this philosophy and this commitment as a way of showing respect and gratitude to the elders who have built the community.

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