City of Manitowoc K-9 Preservation Fund

"A police K-9's keen sense of smell, vision and agility
provides a service to this community unmatched by any human police officer."

In April 2010, with funding from grant monies and generous donors, the City of Manitowoc Police Department’s first K-9 unit was employed to enhance the City’s public safety activities. A K-9 unit consists of a police officer and a dog, known as a K-9, that is trained to assist the law enforcement personnel in their work which includes, but is not limited to, searching for drugs and explosives, searching for lost people, looking for crime scene evidence, and protecting law enforcement personnel. 

K9 Swearing In Rounded



 Officer Weber and "Aik"    Officer Koenig and "Ully"    Officer Place and "Major"  

Officer Weber and “Aik” were the City’s first K-9 team. Aik retired in October 2015 after a successful career highlighted by locating more than 90 pounds of Marijuana, 30 grams of Methamphetamine as well as other drugs, and more than $32,000 in cash. He located and apprehended more than 50 suspects and five missing or endangered persons.  Aik assisted other law enforcement agencies over 160 times.


In May 2011, through many generous donations and fundraising events, Officer Koenig and “Ully” were selected as an additional and second K-9 unit for the City of Manitowoc Police Department. Ully is responsible for numerous drug arrests and seizure of drug money. He assists other agencies throughout Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Kewaunee, Calumet, and Door counties and continues to apprehend numerous suspects that flee from law enforcement personnel.


In August 2015, Officer Place and “Major” began their tour of duty after the City of Manitowoc Police Department was awarded the K9s4COPs grant. This grant required Officer Place to travel to Anniston, Alabama for six weeks of training. Funds from the K-9 fundraising events were used to pay for travel and lodging expenses. Major, chosen to replace Aik, has already made a significant impact in our community.


The K-9 program was started and remains largely funded by generous donations and grant monies.  The City of Manitowoc K-9 Preservation Fund was established to help ensure that the K-9 program continues to support the City of Manitowoc Police Department’s mission to prevent crime, maintain order, and provide a safe environment for its citizens.   To learn more about the City of Manitowoc’s K-9 program, visit Manitowoc Police Department K-9 Unit.


To make a contribution to the City of Manitowoc K-9 Preservation Fund, visit K-9 Fund Sponsorship Form.