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 Generations Endowment Fund

Established in April 2011, Generations, also known as Plymouth Intergenerational Coalition, is a nonprofit organization that was formed to create an environmentally friendly facility where generations can come together to learn, support one another, share skills, promote health and strengthen families.  As such, Generations envisions a healthy community in which individuals of all ages are valued and work together to enhance the quality of life for all within Sheboygan County.

As one of a growing number of intergenerational centers in the United States, Generations helps various local nonprofit organizations infuse intergenerational strategies into their programs and services.  Each year, hundreds of older adults and youth are mobilized to serve as resources for each other and the community.  These intergenerational programs are mutually rewarding and enriching experiences for both generations. 

Generations Endowment Fund was established with a long-range vision to help ensure adequate resources to continue connecting generations to strengthen the Sheboygan County community for years to come.  To make a contribution to the Generations Endowment Fund, visit Generations.

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